Retail Pro Version 8.6
Retail Pro v8.6

Retail Pro has released the all new version 8.6 packed with new features that enhance the point of sale experience as well as assist in achieving PCI and PA-DSS Compliance.

The new Retail Pro Version 8.6 introduces many new features and functionality including:

Enhanched User Interface

Retail pro version 8.6 features an enhanced user interface, with all new graphics. These graphics are consistent with the graphics used in Retail Pro 9, ensuring a smooth transition as retailers upgrade from v8 to v9 and train employees.

PA-DSS Compliance Changes

Credit Card fraud liability is at the forefront of every retailer’s mind, and remains as such as long as their Point of Sale system is not PA-DSS certified application. Through robust encryption methods and detailed security logging Retail Pro 8.6 provides the retailer assurance his software is doing its part to protect the customer’s payment information from harm’s way. Two key changes were made in 8.6 to move it toward PA-DSS compliance and certification:

  • A new security receipt is created whenever a user views an unmasked card number from a receipt by clicking the Show Card button.
  • All log files that Retail Pro generates for EFT transactions no longer contain references to unmasked card numbers and track data.
  • Logging the Viewing of Card Numbers

    In Retail Pro 8.6, when a user with permission to see card numbers clicks the Show Card button, a high-security receipt is automatically created to record the event. Each receipt captures important data such as the user who clicked the button, the date/time the action occurred, the last four digits of the card number, and the customer ID of the customer.


    Beginning with Retail Pro 8.6, retailers can use Ingenico i-series pin pads (i3070, i6580, and i6780).

    Print Credit Card Holder Name

    It is often required by various regions around the globe to print the name of the card holder on a receipt when making a purchase via a credit card. Retail Pro 8.6 will provide this needed functionality.

    Enhanced Gift Reciept Support

    Prior to version 8.6, retailers using Retail Pro 8 had to utilize an “Off-the-Shelf” plug-in to adequately print gift receipts at point of sale. Retail Pro 8.6 brings this functionality into the core product eliminating the need to purchase a plug-in for this POS process.

    Enhancements to ECI 2.2

    Enhancements to ECI 2.2
    Retail Pro v8.6 includes the release of a new version of ECI Merchandiser (v2.2) that includes two important changes:

  • The encryption of credit card numbers for meeting Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS).
  • Small Business Edition support for ECI
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