Hackers Can Listen Through Your Phone Calls

Isn’t it creepy and scary to know that someone might be listening to your calls? You are using your mobile phone most of the time. In fact, you spend more time on your phone than you do sleeping. The internet is not that safe anymore. When it comes to your privacy, you would not know if someone is listening to your calls all across from the other side of the world. That is because phone listening hackers are becoming smarter these days.

Is Someone Listening To You?

First, you have to learn how to identify situations where someone out there might be listening to your calls. If you have a mobile phone, know that it contains personal information that you might be putting out there for the public to see. So what are the major signs that you have to take note of?

  • Background Noise. While you are on a call, you have to pay attention to the background noise. It can be clicks, hums, echoes, and any interferences that you can detect. They are the first symptoms that there is another person listening in to your conversation.
  • Device Uses More Power. If your battery is suddenly acting up if you notice that it depletes faster than normal, then there is a huge chance that your phone’s microchip is working twice as much because it is also recording your conversations. It is natural that your battery’s performance decreases with time, but if the phone is new and if you check your battery usage and it shows suspicious activity or usage, then it should be a red flag.
  • Ads Are Everywhere. Nobody likes to spend their time looking at ads. This is why many would install adblockers on any of their devices to avoid having to deal with these advertisements. But how would you feel when you are not searching a certain topic online and you were just discussing it out loud with another person then suddenly, a pop-up ad similar to what you were talking about suddenly appears on your screen? That is definitely something unusual.

Hackers Can Listen Through Your Phone Calls

All About Wiretapping

Wiretapping is considered a federal crime. Wiretapping is an act where you use a machine to capture a conversation without the approval of the person or people you are recording. This can be extremely dangerous especially if you are exchanging confidential information over the phone. If you do so, anyone can access your data.

One of the ways to protect yourself from wiretapping is to disable your apps’ microphone access. Audio messaging apps are examples of applications that use a microphone. To check which of the apps have your permission to have access to the microphone, you can go to your Settings>Privacy>Microphone. This is where you can see all the apps that you have allowed a microphone access.

Nobody can stop your phone from listening to you. All you need is to make sure that you protect yourself from possible dangers that the internet can bring to your life. Take the precautionary measures mentioned above especially when it comes to wiretapping. If you already have, then you can have a peace of mind.