Handheld Radio Set

A handheld transceiver, otherwise known as the walkie-talkie. This is the handheld radio transmitter/receiver device that is primarily used for two-way communication mainly based on shortwave radio technology. These devices are mainly used by police officials as well as the medical staff . Some of the important facts about the handheld radio set have been discussed in this article.

handheld radio set

Top benefits of the handheld radio set


Below are some of the important benefits of the handheld radio set:

  1. The cell service towers, as well as landlines, may fail during the disaster. But these handheld radio sets will mainly continue to work during these situations.
  2. Two-way radios are mainly lightweight as well as long-lasting. The two-way radios are mainly built according to the military as well as IP specifications. They are less likely to crack or break when the device is being dropped.
  3. These radios are less expensive than cell phones. There are no monthly fees, or calling minutes. Also, different workers can mainly share a radio.
  4.  These devices are mainly designed to offer clear communication in most of the conditions. They mainly include some of the features which mainly reduce wind noise. They also allow resistance to vibration, as well as wet conditions.
  5. These handheld radios mainly feature touch-button talk communication. This helps in creating a simple mode of communication.
  6. These devices also mainly have the ability to track the employees’ locations. This is mainly done to make the business more successful.
  7. These devices mainly provide reliable coverage as well as voice quality.

Important features to know about the handheld radio set


  1. These devices can mainly operate on a weaker signal to achieve a similar range as an analog device. That implies a longer battery life. The digital radio mainly uses less battery power than an analog system for the same power.
  2. These devices can mainly send as well as receive short text messages to private or group contacts. These handheld radio sets usually have different pre-programmed notes which can be quickly sent.
  3. The call alerts can also be sent with these handheld devices to let the recipient know that someone wants to talk to them.
  4. Recent digital radios mainly use about 900MHz of the unlicensed frequencies. So no FCC license is mainly required to operate them.

These are some of the important aspects to know about the handheld radio set as well as their benefits.