We all are interested in knowing the advancements in newer technology. Technology has made our life so easy that we are always in an expectation of having some more of them. This year some of the latest technical events have given us some of the best ideas. So let us see.


  • 3D metal printers

This is a brand new booster in the field of technology. This is a model that can work wonders in very small time. Printing has been made very easy both at small industries as well at large factories. The technology is so familiar, easy to handle that is very convenient.

  • Artificial embryos

Doesn’t it really sound cool? Yes, I too was wondering that what a cool idea this is. This brings the idea that how life can be created in an artificial manner. The embryologists at the CambridgeUniversity have succeeded in giving birth to such embryos which do not require any egg or sperm. All it requires is just the use of stem cells. This master idea can help million of the couples in the world who are seeking the child. The trick that is used is very simple by only manipulating stem cells.

  • Artificial Intelligence

It is required for identifying things. This idea is used to distinguish a plenty of similar looking articles from each other by just trying to identify basic differences.

Besides these, there have been also other implementations like L’Oreal UV sensor, Honda 3E Robotics Concept, Movi phone and the Byton Concept car. We just wish to see more of the advancements in the coming years.


Researchers are being on for some technologies that would take a leap for the mankind. The already predicted ones like robotics, nanotechnology are already successful. But for all this, optimism is very much needed. Some of the theories that take the positive side of technology such as transhumanism& so on must be supported which always give a positive side to the technical aspects.


Do not forget to watch the shows that will broadcast the newer versions of the technical appliances this summer. If you watch these shows, you too will be motivated with some of the newer ideas that you can try out at home or at your school bringing more benefits to your immediate society.