Battery replacement services – An Introduction

Due to the usage or due to any other issue, the phone gets damaged and it needs to get fixed. If you own an iPhone and suddenly its battery stops working, then you may think where to replace iPhone battery? the answer is at breakfixnow which is one of the leading mobile repair services. Here the customer who has a battery issue for his or her iPhone can get the repair as well as the replacement done within 30 minutes and this is the fast iPhone battery replacement with the battery fixed why is authentic and they also provide a guarantee and warranty for it. This service also includes free low current and not only iPhone, but there is also replacement service for iPhone x, 8, 7, 6, 6 plus 6 battery in Singapore.

Affordable service

The team of professionals guarantees in providing the best service and there is also the lowest price which is guaranteed for the replacement of the battery. The battery is one of the important parts of any phone, without a battery phone will not get started. So how do you understand the health of the battery and when does one know that the battery needs a replacement? The battery health of the iPhone can be checked if you follow the steps,

where to replace iPhone battery

  • Check the settings by opening the Settings app on the iPhone.
  • There is an option for battery which has to be chosen.
  • There is the battery health, which has to be tapped.
  • Once you enter the battery health screen, there will be two indicators which are relevant for the battery health.
  • They are peak performance capacity and maximum capacity.

One important point to be noted regarding the battery health of the iPhone is that this feature is only available with the phones which are having the operating system iOS 11 and from then onwards. If the health of the battery is less than 85%, there should be change in the battery or else the motherboard will be required to do the compensation for lacking power from the battery. So to not get into this kind of trouble, it is better to take to the store of the breakfixnow and get the battery replaced.

Know battery health

But if there is any issue like even if the battery health is showing about 95% to 100% and still there is battery drain within 3 to 6 hours, then here is the breakfixnow which will be diagnosing what’s wrong with the battery and they fix it immediately on the spot. For more tips regarding the battery and its usage, you can click on the link the website of breakfixnow has provided to the users of the iPhone.

Not just fixing the battery of the iPhone, the team of breakfixnow will be doing a checkup for free for the functions which are internal like logic board efficiency and battery life with the utilization of the machines which are specialized and along with the micro shop at the workshop. For the well-functioning of the iPhone, it will be requiring the battery performing at the optimum efficiency of80% and if the battery is not strong and is weak and it is instantly not able to sustain the charge, the PMIC, that is the power management integrated circuit will be needed to do the overload and should be working at the faster and the higher rate.


For every battery there is a life span and this is called as the battery life span and this is the amount of the time that the battery will be lasting until it requires to get the replacement done, and if your mobile is in that kind of situation where it needs to get the battery replaced, there is the breakfixnow to fix all the problems which are related to the battery.