An endorsement is an act in which you are giving a special attention and support to someone or something. In your professional career endorsements are very important. This is because endorsements provide this leverage to you. If you applied in your dream job and you got other people competing for the same job with the same work experience and expertise, it’s going to be a neck and neck battle but if one of you got an endorsement (say you got an endorsement.), you will get the job than the otter applicants.

Why? This Is because endorsement is that perfume that your credentials need to seal the deal. Endorsements aren’t ordinary especially if it came from a well-respected person like your boss, your manager, your second or third line manager and even the CEO. The height that these people vouched for you is not just a big de in all but a really really big deal. But if you don’t have any endorsements from anyone in your company you can actually get endorsements somewhere else.

Insert Linkedin: What is linkedin? LinkedIn is a social media app and website. But unlike any social media that are out there, LinkedIn is geared toward your career and profession. It’s a social media that connects anyone thru professional connections. Connecting various companies and individuals from various companies, industries and profession in a big social media environment where they can meet, share their expertise, share good practices, what’s new, the good things, news, training and even job posts.

Get endorsement in LinkedIn: In LinkedIn, you will be able to get a connections (friends) and endorsements. These endorsements are just very a very simple tap on your phone screen but holds a big purpose. You see aside from being endorsed by your connections, these endorsements are also keywords that will help you be visible in various searches like a company or a headhunter looking for the right people.

You can actually buy endorsements: endorsements are not something that an account owner can control since endorsements rely greatly on the various connections that a certain person has. More connections can make more endorsements that is if these connections will endorse you. But why go all that trouble when you can buy an endorsement. You read it, right folks! You can actually buy endorsements, and the best thing is that you don’t even need to lift a single finger.

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