Multiple Twitter Followers

Everywhere I read the definition “full site Twitter is a micro blogging social network”, but I do not think that average people (not an expert in online marketing) understand the definition well. In other words, Twitter is a social online medium that allows you to contact many people through short messages. But I would go further. Twitter is a marketing tool that allows you to send important information to your market on Twitter (to your followers).

On Twitter there are different types of users … And a large percentage is beginner

On Twitter you will find famous people (movie stars, politicians, athletes), who mostly have many followers because they are already known and do not need to promote themselves. There are many people who want to “follow” their news.

But most Twitter users are people like you or me, who have started using Twitter and still do not have many “followers”. Do not worry; you’re not the only one who starts using Twitter! Not the only one who does not know how to use it! In general, most users have this same problem. When you start using Twitter, you will find many users with 5, 10 or 20 followers. And especially in the Latin American markets, because Twitter is not (yet) very used in Latin America. Twitter is more used in the United States, where 33% of the world’s users are (1).

How to use Twitter and how to attract new potential customers thanks to its use?

Because without followers, Twitter has no use. Some Twitter accounts of “ordinary” people have 1,000 or 5,000 followers. What is your secret? Here I give you some tips so that you also attract many followers. I tell you that with these strategies, launched in just these last two days, I have achieved more than 150 followers (like you, I also start to “work” my Twitter account to see the result.

Multiple Twitter Followers

Define for which target market you want to use Twitter

To whom do you want to direct your message? What interests them? How can you solve your problems? What information can be valuable to them?

Start “tweeting”

The only way you are going to build your connections on Twitter is by participating. If you do not have “tweets” (information for your objective audience), why are people going to follow you? One of the most important things in online marketing is the content. Launch tweets that add value to your audience, that can help them in some way, give them quality information that can help them solve their problems. So do not “twitees” anything, tweet quality content for your target market. And do not worry; tweets are not just messages of their own. Twitter allows you to “transfer” important information from the web (news, blog articles, website articles, etc).