5 Tips to Get the Most out of Outdoor Led Signage

When it comes to advertising displays, nothing can catch more of your attention like bright LEDs. The technology used in the large led screen has improved that it allowed us to enjoy a more efficient and eco-friendly than print and media advertisements. Listed below are the five tips which can help you get the most out of outdoor led signage.

  • Selecting the right hardware

A large led screen can fail during the cold months if you are in a place that is always experiencing harsh weather. When you look for outdoor led signage, be sure it is a full outdoor-rated display that can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, sun exposure, dust, humidity, and condensation, making it the right hardware for locations that have harsh temperatures throughout the year.

  • Maintenance Inspections

Outdoor led signage has the possibility always to be damaged by the weather, accidents, abuse, and normal wear and tear. There should have regular maintenance inspections of the display’s foundation, seals, and wiring to make sure that no problems will arise and nothing can cause you headaches.

large led screen

  • Regulate temperature

A large led screen should be installed in an environment that has stable temperatures, and should have an operational temperature between 77° F and 5° F. LED displays are constantly operational the whole day, and therefore preventive measures must be done regularly to avoid overheating, which can create yellow defects as well as degradation of components. Regulating the area with appropriate heating and ventilation measures will ensure durability and long life even in an environment with harsh weather conditions.

  • Safeguard against water

The water that penetrates from the outside and creates moisture within the enclosure can damage the led screen. This risky situation can be reduced or if not eliminated with the use of a closed loop air circulation system to adequately protect the display unit. A closed-loop system will prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the display unit and destroying critical parts.

  • Remote Monitoring

If you can do remote monitoring of the LED display, it will allow you to manage your signage, and you can react to the first signs of failure or malfunction of the LED display before a more significant issue can arise from worsening weather conditions. An exterior LED system features remote monitoring capabilities allowing you not only to see the state of your display but to update the content of the screens as well remotely.

  • Bonus Tip

Outdoor LED signages are hard to maintain, offer less weather resistance, and cannot adjust brightness. That’s why there is FLEXStorm, a weatherproof Outdoor LED monitor great for permanent installation. FLEXStorm can be serviced frontally and designed to stand even the most extreme outdoor conditions. FLEXStorm utilizes an intelligent auto-correcting sensor system to ensure perfect visibility and brightness no matter the weather conditions.

Whether you are in the advertising business or want to gain knowledge about outdoor LED display, these five tips can help you get the most out of Outdoor LED Signage.