Game Of Apex Legends

Apex Legends currently the biggest free-to-play battle games focuses more on teamwork. It basically is a game that involves 20 teams of three players each who compete against each other. The biggest difference between apex legends and other battle games is that it mainly focuses on character roles, which are called legends. There are eight legends, each having their own unique ability that charge over time. As a team, one has to understand the strengths and the abilities of the legend.

How is it different from other games?

Apex legends free stands out from rest of the battle royale pack in a number of ways, firstly the game is completely team based and there is no scope for playing it solo. The game offers a number of in-game tools that help in communicating enemy and weapon locations. Again, is also unique as it offers eight legends, each of which has unique abilities and moves.

The various characters in apex legends

Currently, apex legends free to play a battle game has eight legends that are playable; there is the soldier Bangalore, then there is the tech-focused bloodhound, the toxic bomb-wielding caustic; the medic lifeline, the robotic scout pathfinder, the hologram-wielding Mirage and the teleporting Wraith. All these characters except Caustic and Mirage can be unlocked with the help of legend tokens.

Game Of Apex Legends

Apex legends in-game currencies

As an apex legend is a free-to-play game, it has a variety of in-game currencies that can be spent as well as earned. The game is known to have three main currencies; the apex coins, the legend tokens and crafting metals. Apex coins are known to be the main currency and are usually used to buy apex packs, legends as well as weapon skins. Legend tokens can be earned after levelling up-in game and can be used to purchase legends; whereas the crafting metals are found in the apex packs and can be combined together to craft shop items and things.  The official source of the apex legends has detailed information about the currencies and other microtransactions.

Is mastering the game map the route to success?

Well, the key to being successful at this gameplay just like any other battle royale game is by mastering the map of the apex legends and choosing the right spot for landing. It is better if you choose dense areas that have buildings; there is more chance of getting more loot. As a team player, your aim should be to get as much good loot as possible. However, if you see a number of players in one spot, then it is better to move to a less populated area.

Like most of the battle royale games, there is a lot of learning that needs to be done with apex legends also. It is easy to get discouraged initially during the first few matches, but don’t give up. Go through the official source of the game and go through all the details before starting with the gameplay.